Another Football is possible! Partizan Minsk presents itself

In Belarus there is a very special club. Until 2010 it was called MTZ-Ripo. The club gained international attention not so much by through its sporting achievements, but also due to the anti-racist commitment of its fans, and an active anti-fascist fan culture that was and is unique in Eastern Europe. Today the name of the club is Partizan Minsk and it is a self-managed football club. The fans have re-established the club after the bankruptcy in early 2012. They were supported by an international solidarity campaign at the beginning of last year. Through numerous acts, fans from european countries drew attention to the situation of Partizan Minsk and collected money to save the club.

The team of Partizan Minsk will introduce themselves to the supporters from 15th to 23th March on a Solidarity Tour in Germany. There will be friendly games with the teams Tennis Borussia Berlin, Victoria Hamburg, FC St. Pauli, Roter Stern Leipzig, and SV Babelsberg 03. The young refounded club Partizan Minsk will come to Germany with its full squad including club management and fans. The tour will include info events in Berlin, Hamburg, Rostock and Leipzig.

We are an alliance of active fans from SV Babelsberg and St. Pauli, the clubs Roter Stern Leipzig, Tennis Borussia, Victoria Hamburg and Altona 93. We would like to introduce you to the team of Partizan Minsk, and prove that the idea of another football is alive, even in Eastern Europe. We welcome you to join us at the friendly matches and party with us!

Support Partizan Minsk – United we stand against fascism!