In December 2011 the owner of the football club “Partizan” Vladimir Romanov declares that he stops sponsoring the club. Searching of the new owner didn’t succeed. This genuine club with it’s traditions and history, with antifa fans and children school finally went off the championship of Belarus in Major League. So that now it is on the edge of extinction.

In order not to let the breakdown of the club happen, the group of antifa-fans decided to create public association. Any person that joins the club becomes the owner and becomes the master of the destiny of the club.

In order to save the club and announce the team to the third division(2d league) we need money. Nearly 80 000 conventional units. We have to collect part of the sum, at least 10 000 until April, that’s why we start fundraising. If we collect enough money we’ll save the legendary club which we supported on the field and out of it.

Ruling this club we’ll give an example of self-rganization to the others!

(Published in April of 2012)

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